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Aiming at the environmental structure which comes in contact with the green that is good for the new age


Our company is mainly performing general tree planting construction. WE continue working hard to utilize technology and the knowledge that turn gardening constitution into beauty. We have a motto to make the world of the beauty based on nature and human correlation. We have been given a great trust from everyone.
To meet this trust, we make use of long-time abundant technical experience and do general tree planting industry from the garden of the small house to a factory, school tree planting and public landscape gardening. So we are waiting for you with perfect preparation to meet the demand of the visitor.
In addition, we are determined to make every possible effort for duties in order to contribute to development of Hiroshima in the future. Thanks in advance for your help.

代表取締役  熊本優司
Yuji Kumamoto

 Company overview
商  号 Trade name 株式会社 熊本造園デザイン (Kumamoto Landscape Design Co.,Ltd.
創  業 Establishment 明治40年4月1日 (1907-04-01)
資本金 The capital 4,000万円 (40 million yen)
営業届出 広島県知事許可33-026573
本     社
(3-3-20 Yagi Asaminami Ward Hiroshima City Japan)
TEL 082-873-2052(代)
FAX 082-873-6060